WebSite Styles

Pre-Made Styles vs. Custom Web Sites

Custom Web Design is better left for Large Corporations – Companies Below 5 Million in Revenue are better suited to having a site they can work on in house and know that it will stay up to date.  There are to many problems that arise over time with custom websites that a small company simply cannot afford to deal with. – Nathan

Benefits of a Created Style

  • Looks Like a Custom Site without the headaches
  • Hacker Safe
  • Easy to Use
  • Built on a CMS Infrastructure – Blog, Widgets, SEO, Indexing, all included
  • Perfectly Formatted for Conversion
  • Pre-Formatted SEO
  • Higher Search Engine Ranking due to Better Indexing
  • Plug and Play Widgets
  • Eliminates High Priced Web Developers Holding you Hostage
  • Easily Change Colors, Fonts, Pictures, and Text
  • Backed Up and Simple to Reinstall or Move

Negatives of a Completely Custom Site

  • One Developer – Only they can work on your site…Expensive and Dangerous
  • Not Always Search Engine Compatible – BAD SEO
  • If your site Breaks downtime can be very lengthy
  • Lack of true plug and play features
  • Potential Hack Threat due to poor security
  • Lack of a onsite Blog or CMS