Social Media

Social Media – Interact & Offer

Social Media – Why?

Here is the reality. The days of creating a website that is nothing more than a business card with your name and what you do are GONE. Your customers want to be interacted with, talked to, and offered the newest and exciting offers on their terms.  Welcome to Social Media 101.

Interact with Social Media.

We do the things you wish you had time to do! Your customers demand alot of attention and we know if you could you would spend all day talking to them. The reality is that you are to busy to learn everything you need to do in social media. We have the solution – let us set everything up for you and make the interaction simple or even do the social media interaction for you.

Let us share your thoughts…

We take great pride in the ability to speak your thoughts to the customer through our tools. We set up the primary points of communication like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google +. Once set up we start sharing your ideas, your thoughts, and your offers with your customers. We do this while also focusing on building a larger group of raving fans for you.  One important role we also offer is Monitoring your brand online – we watch for people talking about you good and bad and give you the ability to respond quickly.

True Strategy & Tracking

Social Media to many is a great cloud that is tough to measure. We set up strategic plans for growth and measure our interaction against that growth to show you actual results. We will align to your current company strategies and implement those into your online presence as well. Basically we keep your marketing in Sync.

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