Research your Customers & Competition

Research is the Backbone to any Campaign

We take a deep dive into your customers thoughts and also see what is working best for your competition.  Once we have this information we dissect it to give you a true keyword list, website game plan, website overview and marketing consultation, and plan of attack. This report not only shows exactly what you should be focused on doing or saying but also how and where you should say it online.

The Report you need…

We offer a one time cost report that shows you a one year snapshot of your biggest online competitors – what ad mistakes they have made (and are still making), what keywords they are buying and how much they paid. We also dissect your current website based on our proven 5 Core Website Must haves and then go into a fine tooth comb defining what changes we suggest you make to interact with your customers.

Solid Results or its Free!

At the end of our report you will have a solid understanding our your customer and how you are currently engaging  them.  Most of our customers find that our research is VERY enlightening and our 17 years of marketing experience helps them redefine new ways to talk to their customer. This is where we really start to make your online presence profitable with you. We are so sure that this report will pay for itself many times over that if you can’t find an impactfull change or suggestion from it we will refund your money. – Period-

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