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Does Paid Online Marketing Really Work?

If you are like many of our customers you may have already paid Google Adwords or Bing several hundred dollars with $0 return…

We Tried and Failed our First Month too…

We understand and frankly our first month did the exact same thing.  The difference is instead of giving up we realized that we were doing something wrong – 6 Months of intensive research and a couple more hundred dollars in trial and error we cracked the code.  Here is what you need to understand these advertising companies WANT YOU TO LOSE MONEY.We know exactly what it takes, how much to spend for position, what keywords to buy, and how to reword ads for performance.  We know you won’t believe it but our best so far was a 14000% increase for one of our customers (they went from 1% to 14% click through rate conversion).

We turn Traffic into Customers!

With a deep understanding of how a customer clicks, why they click, and what action they will take after they hit your page we turn traffic into customers. We work with you to develop a plan on how your customer will interact with you and what action they need to take next once they hit your site.  Yes the plan is simple – and yes most websites fail miserably here.

Types of Online Advertising we Handle for YOU!

Google Adwords, Google Places, Bing Paid Search, Yahoo Paid Search, Facebook Advertising, LinkedIn Advertising, YouTube Advertising, and we are constantly learning new options that work.

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